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About Us is a pet adoption referral website for homeless animals in British Columbia, Canada. This is a service provided to help BC rescue groups find great homes for their orphaned family pets. And provide one place for the public to find those groups.

Did you know that there are more pets being born each year than humans? Even if every single person wanted a pet there wouldn't be enough homes. An alarming number of end up at BC dog shelters and rescues. If you adopt a shelter or rescue pet, you will be saving a life. You'll also be opening up a space in the shelter for another homeless animal.

Thousands of dogs and cats are left homeless every year in area shelters. It is a problem of epidemic proportions. Please help the homeless. Prevent more from becoming homeless by spaying and neutering, by keeping an ID tag on your pets 24/7, by adopting rather than buying and by making a commitment to keep your pet for its entire lifetime. And remember....pets are not gifts.
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