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Tess Missing from Krause Berry Farm in Langley

Tess Missing from Krause Berry Farm in Langley

Contact Name: Clare Krause Berry Farm Langley
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My beloved soulmate, 16 year old Tess is miss from her home at Krause Berry Farm in Langley. She has never run away before.

She is in good healh but is deaf and has cataracts that limit but have not eradicated her vision. She is wearing a multicolored nylon collar turquoise and purple . She does respond to hand signals.

She is one of those smaller wavy coated BCs, tricolor, with some Merle blue "ticking" on her snout and forehead. Her brown points are light tan.

She is super friendly and trusting and would go off with anyone. I've had the Petsearcher tra let's here and they Are certain she is not on the farm - dead or alive. They feel likely scenario would be someone picking her up thinking she is a dump and being misled into thinking she has cancer. The lumps she has (6 or so) are all lipomas so the vet says and surgery was deemed to be innapropriately difficult fr a dog her age. She has some Arthritis in her hips and shoulders and needs her supplements and meds to stay well. P

lease pass this mesage to any and everyone. I understand that she is old and close to the end of her life but not this way. She is beloved and needed at home please help.

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