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...Are you considering Adoption?
If you are on this site because you're looking for a new pet to add to your family... Thank you for considering a rescue/shelter pet!!  If you weren't really considering a rescue pet or if you're not sure... then here is some information that might help.

Did you know that there are many, many more pets being born each year than humans? Even if every single person wanted a pet there wouldn't be enough homes. An alarming number of pets are ending up at shelters and rescues. If you adopt a shelter or rescue pet, you will be saving a life. You'll also be opening up a space in the shelter for another homeless animal so that he/she has a chance to be saved also.

Don't think that the you are adopting "someone else's problem". Most of the time the animals given up have no behavioral problems - they are given up due to family difficulties, or lack of time and commitment. Some have minor problems that are very easily worked with, or just regular "animal behaviors" that the previous owner wasn't prepared to deal with. Many of the reasons that animals are given up are just plain silly.

A responsible, animal-loving person really only has two choices for sources of pets.

You can try to find a responsible breeder: one who breeds only to better the breed, who does health and temperment checks on their animals, and who participates in showing and working tests of their animals. You will pay quite a bit for an animal from a breeder like this, but you will be rewarded with a sound, healthy companion who will cause you much less pain and heartache down the road.

Or, you can adopt a shelter or rescue pet. There are pets of all sizes, ages, and breeds available in your local shelter. If you have a particular breed in mind, you can contact a breed rescue for that breed.
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