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Pet Tips
Tip #1 - Fleas PDF Print E-mail

Keep fleas away from your pet.

"Blecch!" is what you want fleas to think when they bite into your pet.  One way to taint their tast buds is to mis a little garlic and brewer's yeast into your pet's breakfast.  Many pets like the taste, so you won't have to disguise it.   It may very well make the animal unappetizing to fleas.

Tip #2 - Mats PDF Print E-mail

Coax out Mats with Cornstarch.

A light sprinkling of cornstarch makes stubborn mats easier to pull apart.  It helps the hair glide right out of the mat.  As you work deeper into the mat, add more cornstarch as needed.
Tip #3 - Skunk Spray PDF Print E-mail
Skunk Spray - get rid of the smell...

An excellent deskunking formula:

1/4 cup of baking soda
1 teaspoon of liquid soap
1 quart of hydrogen peroxide

Work the solution into your pet's fur, then rinse well. ©2002- All rights reserved